Your Complete Guide to Buy Ayurvedic Oils for Joint Pain
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Your Complete Guide to Buy Ayurvedic Oils for Joint Pain


Joint pain can be your worst nightmare or an unwanted guest during chilly winters, cold monsoons or old age. Joints – the connecting tissues between our bones – are an extremely important part of the human body. The health of your joints can determine the level of flexibility and ease with which your body performs everyday tasks.

Imagine not being able to do mundane tasks that we take for granted – standing up, sitting down, walking, picking up weight, bending, etc. While regular exercise, a balanced diet, and a healthy lifestyle can prevent joint pains to a certain extent, sometimes there is no way to circumvent it.

At times like these, you need a reliable remedy that can not only help deal with the discomfort that comes with joint disorders but also aid the recovery process and strengthen your joints, muscles, and bones.

Common Causes of Joint Pain

Damaged joints are a common occurrence amongst senior citizens and can occur due to a number of different reasons, including-

-Old age

-Bone depletion

-Natural wear and tear of the joints

-A drop in the synovial fluid level



-Rheumatoid arthritis

-Underactive thyroid




-Strains and sprains

-Accidents and injuries

While some joint problems are more serious than others, the discomfort and potential damage they can cause are quite severe. For centuries, humankind has been on the lookout for remedies and medicines that can help deal with joint problems – from mild to severe.

Ayurvedic Oil Massage Therapy for Treating Joint Pain

Ayurveda has always been a huge part of India’s history and for good reason. Ayurvedic medicine focuses on health and wellness by blending the mind, body and spirit. According to Ayurveda, an imbalance in the doshas in the body can be the main reason for the pain. We are sure you must have heard about the efficacy of therapeutic oil massage, simply referred to as massage therapy. According to the Ayurvedic tradition, this massage – aided by natural Ayurvedic oils – can help restore the balance between the human body’s three doshas:


Abhyanga, or a full-body Ayurvedic oil massage, is a tried-and-tested method of healing pain and revitalizing the body.

7 Benefits of Using Ayurvedic Oils for Joint Pain

Here’s looking at some of the biggest advantages of using Ayurvedic oils for joint pain:

 Ayurvedic oils can aid quicker recovery from joint, bone and muscle injuries.

  • Using Ayurvedic oils to massage your joints can help relieve joint pain, inflammation, and stiffness.
  • It is believed that regular Ayurvedic oil massages can help eliminate toxins and get rid of impurities in the body.
  • Some theories and studies also suggest that using Ayurvedic oils can help you burn fat and shed any excess weight.
  • Massage therapy improves the blood circulation, especially in the targeted areas where there might be stiffness, inflammation or pain.
  • Ayurvedic oil massage can stimulate internal organs, improve their functioning and help remove metabolic waste from the body.
  • Ayurvedic oils also promote the self-healing of cells, tissues, bones, muscles, and joints.

What’s more, body massages are extremely relaxing and using aroma-infused oils can help you reinvigorate, de-stress and relax your mind and body, leaving you feeling refreshed and content.

Ayurvedic oils are basically formulations that are prepared from naturally sourced ingredients and extracts such as:

-Sesame oil

-Mustard oil

-Flaxseed oil

-Neem oil

-Avocado oil

-Wintergreen oil

-Eucalyptus oil

-Peppermint oil

-Almond oil

-Bhringaraj oil

-Shirodhara oil

Ayurvedic massage oils are widely used across the globe by millions to treat the symptoms of joint pain. They provide a warm and soothing therapy, working their way towards alleviating joint aches, muscle pain, bone disorders, and other ailments.

Prakruti Health Care O-Relief Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief Oils Available Online

Here is a selection of some of the best Ayurvedic massage oils that are great for people suffering from joint pain, neck pain, body stiffness, backache, knee pain and different types of arthritis

Muscles and Joint Massage Oil (50 ml) – O-Relief Oil

Suffering from joint pain, stiffness, and inflammation? Prakrui`s Joint Care Oil has been made with a combination of Indian herbs that help relieve backache, strains, sprains, sciatica, spondylitis and all kinds of chronic joint pain. Massaging this oil gently over the aching regions can help provide instant relief and promote healthy muscles and joints for long periods of time. The blend of organic oils such as Flaxseed Oil, Gandhapurra Oil, peppermint oil along with other mineral rich oils help ease any pain and stiffness in your body. Using the Joint Care Oil by Prakruti O-Relief can also help improve flexibility, protect your bones from degeneration and improve joint and muscle strength.

Buy Online Prakruti Joint Care O-Relief Oil

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