Ayurvedic Joint Pain Relief Medicine

We at Prakruti`s bring to you a range of natural pain relievers that help you with joint pain caused due to aging and arthritic diseases, as well as from muscle and body pain caused by over-exercising and injury. Prakruti`s Ayurvedic Joint care and O-Relief oil medicines are safe and effective, formulated with the highest quality herbs, using no chemical or synthetic ingredients. Made using pure ayurvedic extracts, these medicines are fast-acting to ensure that you get timely relief from your pain. The time-tested ayurvedic herbs help you get long-term relief from joint, muscle, or knee pain.

Our bones come together to make the skeleton which protects our vital and fragile organs like the heart, brain, kidney, etc. Joint health can become an issue with increasing age. However, sometimes it can also be a result of deficiencies of essential vitamins and minerals.

The vitamins and minerals that keep our bones strong include calcium, phosphorus, Vitamin D, etc. Many tablets for joint pain are available in the market nowadays. If you don't want to buy random joint supplements, you can also check out the best Prakruti calcium tablets for bones, joint pain supplements, etc on Prakruti.

Eating foods rich in vitamins and calcium help to keep our bones healthy. Not only this, but a healthy lifestyle, with a regular exercise routine, is always a plus. However, due to a lack of nutrition in the body, our bones can become fragile. Fractures (broken bones) can be very painful and might need surgeries for health. They can also lead to other chronic health problems. In such cases, supplements like joint care tablets, vitamins for bones, glucosamine for joints, calcium tablets for bones, tablets for joint pain, etc might be very helpful.

Prakruti’s Ayurvedic Medicines and Supplements for Joint and Muscle Pain

Best supplements for bone health, Some of the best supplements in India for your bone and joint health, Prakruti Joint Care Capsules, O-relief Oil, Calcium advance and so on.


Does this product provides relief In piles?

Prakruti P-Relief & Pachak Amrut improves digestion removes constipation, and provides wound healing and analgesic properties to provide relief in piles.

How long it will take to show results?

There can be interpersonal variations for results to show. However visible results may be seen within one month of usage.

For how long I need to use this product?

The recommended duration is three months. But it can be extended until complete resolution of symptoms.

Do I need To follow any special diet while using piles ayurvedic medicine?

Eat more of fibrous fruits and vegetables use whole-grain and legumes in diet drink plenty of water, exercise get regular sleep, avoid spicy food and straining during defecation.

I am on allopathic medicine. can I take ayurvedice piles releif ayurvedic medicine?

Yes. P-Relief & Pachak Amrut is herbal product which have no interactions with allopathic medicines.

How do these medicines help to treat fissures?

P-Relief contains ingredients having anti-inflammatory, pain-relieving, and wound healing properties that ease the pain caused by fissures. The reduction in swelling as well as the stool softening effects also help treat fissures.

Do these medicines give relief from these piles/fissures’ symptoms?

Ayurvedic medicine for piles are formulated to help ease the symptoms of piles, including swelling, pain, and itching. Piles medicines also help soften the stool, allowing for easier bowel movements.

Which herbs are beneficial for piles/ fissures treatment?

Herbs like Neem Seed, Daruharidra, Triphala, and Nagkesar are popular herbs in Ayurvedic treatment for piles.

Can piles/fissures be cured permanently?

Piles can be cured permanently with the right diet and treatment plan. Talk to your doctor for more details on curing your piles.

Do these piles ayurvedic tablets have any side effects?

Ayurvedic medicines are best known for their lack of side effects. That said, be sure to follow the recommended dosage and consult your doctor in case you are on other medications.