Femfine for PCOS, PCOD with Delayed Monthly Cycle and White Discharge
Femfine for PCOS, PCOD with Delayed Monthly Cycle and White Discharge
menstrual cycle
Prakruti Femfine PCOD / PCOS Tablet Benefits
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Best Ayurvedic medicine for hormonal imbalance, Menopuse pcod, pcos & menstrual in females
menstrual cycle
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Femfine for PCOS, PCOD with Delayed Monthly Cycle and White Discharge

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Femfine Tablet Benefits

  • Helps regularize menstrual cycle
  • Helps reduce watery, milky, thick, yellowish discharge before & after cycle
  • Reverse PCOS, PCOD
  • Helps achieve natural pregnancy
  • Improves egg growth & quality
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More than 50% women in India have irregular menstrual cycles. Menstrual irregularities and other menstrual diseases like PCOD are often accompanied by symptoms like heavy abdominal cramps, heavy or very low bleeding, elongated or shortened cycle, mood swings, tiredness, loss of appetite and bloating. Most of the time they are caused by hormonal changes in women’s body. Prakruti understands the struggle of women suffering from reproductive and hormonal disorders like PCOD, irregular periods, ovarian and fertility issues and therefore brings to you, PCOS Powder. Prakruti Femfine Hormonal Balance Blend includes 21 Herbs. Ashoka helps to control menorrhagia (excessive flow) dysmenorrhea (Abdominal pain), menorrhagia(Irregular output). Helps to reduce fatigue, provide energy, strengthen the uterine muscle. Lodhra is a natural astringent useful in menorrhagia. Nagkeshar helps to reduce burning sensation in palm, abdominal pain, body pain, improves diet. Relieve fatigue and provides energy. Prakruti Femfine Contains validated blend of researched herbs. Ashoka and Lodhra provides phytoestrogens to repair & restore endometrium and to prevent fibroids and irregular uterine bleeding. Moreover Shatavari helps to normalize bleeding during periods and also provides relief from abdominal cramps.

Ayurveda for PCOD / PCOS, Irregular Periods & Menstrual Cycle

Herbs to help reverse PCOS-PCOD

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prakruti health care ashoka


prakruti health care lodhra


prakruti health care manjistha


prakruti health care shtavari benifites



What is the use of Femfine Tablets?

Femfine can help with irregular, delayed, or painful periods. The capsules can also regularize and control heavy bleeding, treat spotting between periods and combat symptoms of PCOD/PCOS.

Is it an ayurvedic or allopathy medicine?

Prakruti Femfine is an Ayurvedic medicine made from herbs and minerals used traditionally to treat menstrual problems.

Who should take Femfine?

Girls and women who have painful periods, irregular or delayed menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, PCOS, or PCOD,

How soon can I expect results?

For best results, you should consume Femfine for a minimum of three months.

Does it have any side effects?

No. It is made of 100% Ayurvedic herbs & don’t have any side effects.

Is it suitable for women with menopausal symptoms?

Yes. It’s very effective as a menopausal support.

Can I take it if I have PCOS & heavy bleeding?

Yes. The herbs reduce heavy bleeding and balance hormones.

Is PCOS a disease?

PCOS is a lifestyle disorder that can be treated with Ayurveda for long-lasting relief.

How is it different from other fertility supplements?

It is India's first Ayurvedic fertility support that helps you conceive naturally by improving egg quality & ensures timely ovulation.

What is Fefine Tablets?

Femfine helps to treat the root cause of abnormal white discharge, itching, and smell.

Customer Rating & Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Yayam richa

Manage PCOD, PCOS & Irregular Periods Effectively with Femfine

really good product

really good product

J v Jadeja

Really good


It was best tablet and gives you best result. I saw result in just 15 days


I am using this since 1 month, getting good results from this Tablet