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Ayurvedic Tablets for PCOS-PCOD

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More than 50% women in India have irregular menstrual cycles. Menstrual irregularities and other menstrual diseases likePCODare often accompanied by symptoms like heavy abdominal cramps, heavy or very low bleeding, elongated or shortened cycle, mood swings, tiredness, loss of appetite and bloating. Most of the time they are caused by hormonal changes in women’s body. Prakruti understands the struggle of women suffering from reproductive and hormonal disorders like PCOD,irregular periods, ovarian and fertility issues and therefore brings to you,PCOSPowder.Prakruti FemfineHormonal Balance Blend includes 21 Herbs. Ashoka helps to control menorrhagia (excessive flow) dysmenorrhea (Abdominal pain), menorrhagia(Irregular output). Helps to reduce fatigue, provide energy, strengthen the uterine muscle. Lodhra is a natural astringent useful in menorrhagia. Nagkeshar helps to reduce burning sensation in palm, abdominal pain, body pain, improves diet. Relieve fatigue and provides energy. Prakruti Femfine Contains validated blend of researched herbs. Ashoka and Lodhra provides phytoestrogens to repair & restore endometrium and to prevent fibroids and irregular uterine bleeding. Moreover Shatavari helps to normalize bleeding during periods and also provides relief from abdominal cramps.

  • Reverse PCOD, PCOS
  • Timely Ovulation
  • Improves Secretion of Cervical Mucus
  • Nourished Uterus
  • Healthy Pregnancy
  • Better Egg Quality
  • Balanced Hormones
  • Regulates Menstrual Cycle
  • Reduces Acne
  • Controls cyclical breast pain
  • Improves Mood
  • Ease Menstrual Cramps
  • Boosts Overall health
  • Reduces Itching & Pain While Urinating
  • Reduce Recurrence of Bacterial Vaginosis
  • Reduces Rash, Irritation, Foul smel
  • Controls Veginal Bleeding A Pelvic Pain
  • Helps get Relief from Redness, Itching, Swelling
  • Balance Intimate PH level
Who should take it
  • Delayed or irregular periods
  • Suffering from PCOS & PCOD
  • Less menstrual flow
  • Absence of Periods
  • Hormonal imbalance
  • Premenstrual Syndrome (PMS)
  • Unusual weight gain
  • Irritability and mood issues
  • Menstrual pain and cramps
  • Watery-thin, thick, milky, yellowish discharge before or after cycles
  • Intimate itching, burning sensation, foul smell
Dosage & Duration
  • 1 Tablet after breakfast
  • 1 Tablet after dinner
  • Suggested by physician

Consume for minimum 3-4 months for best results

Herbs to help reverse PCOS-PCOD

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Aloe vera

prakruti health care ashoka





Ayurveda for PCOD / PCOS, Irregular Periods & Menstrual Cycle

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What is the use of Femfine Tablets?

Femfine can help with irregular, delayed, or painful periods. The capsules can also regularize and control heavy bleeding, treat spotting between periods and combat symptoms of PCOD/PCOS.

I do not have PCOD but I suffer from period irregularities. Can I consume this?

Yes, you can consume this product as it is is rich in herbs which are good for overall menstrual health and helps in regularizing periods.

Is it an ayurvedic or allopathy medicine?

Prakruti Femfine is an Ayurvedic medicine made from herbs and minerals used traditionally to treat menstrual problems.

Who should take Femfine?

Girls and women who have painful periods, irregular or delayed menstrual cycles, heavy bleeding, PCOS, or PCOD,

Who can use Prakruti Famefine PCOD - PCOS Care Tablets?

Femfine PCOD - PCOS is specially formulated for women to support menstrual balance and reproductive health. Women from 15 to 44 years of age can consume these tablets.

How soon can I expect results?

For best results, you should consume Femfine for a minimum of three months.

Does it have any side effects?

No. It is made of 100% Ayurvedic herbs & don’t have any side effects.

Is it suitable for women with menopausal symptoms?

Yes. It’s very effective as a menopausal support.

Who should consume Femfine?

Women suffering from irregular & delayed periods, with period gaps exceeding 31 days, no periods for 2 months or more, period flow less than 2 days or are consuming pills to regulate periods should consume Femfine to regulate their cycles naturally.

Can I take it if I have PCOS & heavy bleeding?

Yes. The herbs reduce heavy bleeding and balance hormones.

Is PCOS a disease?

PCOS is a lifestyle disorder that can be treated with Ayurveda for long-lasting relief.

How is it different from other fertility supplements?

It is India's first Ayurvedic fertility support that helps you conceive naturally by improving egg quality & ensures timely ovulation.

What is Fefine Tablets?

Femfine helps to treat the root cause of abnormal white discharge, itching, and smell.

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Kya egg ki quality improve ho skti h ishse

artham.venkatesham .

Femfine for PCOS-PCOD, Irregular Periods and White Discharge

Easy to take

I am PCOS patient. I hope it will help me to control my hormonal imbalance.

Good product

My wife has been using this for few months now and seeing visible difference. Better hormonal balance and regular cycles


Helps & really works! I tght it was a marketing gimmick but it actually works well with absolute no side effects!