O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML
O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML
O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML
O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML
O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML
O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML
O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML
O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML

O-Relief Ortho Oil | 50ML

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Joint disorders like arthritis are very painful conditions, most of the people affected by same loses the flexibility and are restricted in movement. Moreover muscle issues like backache, muscle sprain and strain are very difficult to manage conditions as they affect day to day functioning of person.PrakrutiO-Relief oil is a unique formula that contains traditional Alsi, Nirgundi, Kapoor and Gandhapuri Oil combination of effective classical formulas, releases muscular and nervous tension and ensures proper blood circulation that helps ease joint pains and stiffness. helps to improve mobility & flexibility. Helps to provide relief in joint pain, inflammation, stiffness, backache, muscle sprain & strain.

  • Helps to promote bone & joint health
  • Helps to improve mobility & flexibility
  • Helps to provide relief in backache, muscle sprain & strain
  • Quick and Long-lasting relief from pain
Who should take it
  • Ortho Oil is a 100% Ayurvedic formulation that treats pains and inflammations of the muscles and joints.
  • It provides relief from body aches, muscle pains, joint pains as well as painful swellings.
  • Ortho Oil helps to improve the blood flow and enhance the mobility and elasticity of the joints.
Dosage & Duration
  • Gentle massage on affected parts twice a day
  • Suggested by physician

Consume for minimum 3-4 months for best results

Herbs to relieve muscle & joint pain

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Why Choose Prakruti?

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FDA & FSSAI Approved

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Is O-Relief Ayurvedic Oil helpful in all types of relieving joint pain?

Yes, you can apply O-Relief oil to get relief from knee pain, back pain, elbow pain, shoulder pain and any other joint discomfort like strain, strain, and stiffness.

Can I Apply it every day on my joints?

Yes, O-relief Ortho oil is made up of 8 natural herbs so, gives relief from joint pain naturally. You can apply it daily to soothe your painful joints.

Is Prakruti O-Relief Joint Pain Relief Oil Purely Ayurvedic?

Yes, it’s purely Ayurvedic and safe to use. It contains ingredients like mint oil, cheed oil, alsi oil, jyotishamti and kapur oil. Anyone can use it for safe and good results.

Is O-Relief Oil beneficial for all age group?

Yes, any person who is suffering from joint pain can use it to get relief.

Can I use it muscle pain?

Yes, O-Relief oil can be used for both joint and muscle pain.

Should O-Relief Oil (Nirgund) be used daily?

Yes, O-Relief Oil should be used at least two times a day to get the best results.

Which oil is best for joint pain?

Prakruti O-Relief Oil is the best for joint pain. Made of 8 different herbs, the oil can help lubricate your joints. Each and every ingredient in O-Relief has been carefully chosen for its medicinal properties. The oil penetrates the skin and helps you relieve your joint pain.

When can I see results?

You can start noticing results in two weeks of regular use of O-Relief Oil. However, duration depends on many factors like age, severity of the disease, diet, lifestyle. For best results, we recommend using it regularly for three months or as recommended by the physician.

Can I take this with my other medicines?

Yes, you can.

Customer Rating & Reviews

Customer Reviews

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Rajiv Mashruwala

Within few days pain decreased

Nizamuddin sayyed

Relives pain in Minutes.

suraj kumar

Effective for joint pains

Sukhamay Das

Very effective for joint pains No offensive smell.

Abhay Wadhwa

Effective for joint pains