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Diabetes: Types, Causes, Symptoms, Diet & Prevention

November 14th is known as the world diabetes day and November is Diabetes knowledge month! World diabetes day is universally identified; with the hope of bringing about more information and to celebrate how far medicine and also technology have come since diabetes was first defined. In honor of this important date and the whole month, I would like to share with the type 2 diabetes community some exciting facts about the history of diabetes.

When Was Actually Diabetes Discovered?

The earliest known mention of diabetes signs and symptoms dates back to 1552 B.C. An Egyptian physician named, Hesy-Ra, documented repeated urination as a sign and symptom of this inexplicable disease which also caused uttermost weight loss. Where does the name Diabetes Mellitus (frequently shortened to diabetes) originate from? In 230 BC, a physician named, Apollonius of Memphis, utilized the term as “diabetes” (in Greek diabetes means siphon or to pass through), to describe a state in which people were removing more fluid then they could take. In the year 1675 Thomas Willis, an English physician, included the Greek word “mellitus” (in Greek mellitus means sweet) to the word diabetes. This was because those who are with diabetes had urine with a taste of sweet. Before finding of insulin (see below) how was diabetes mellitus treated? A scientist named as Frederick M. Allen, identified that diabetes was not just a disorder that caused high blood sugar levels but also a difficulty with metabolism. He generated the first “diabetic diet”, before the discovery of insulin. Allen’s diet, was a very less calorie diet the added regularly protein and fat, with only minimal amounts of carbohydrate.

When Was Actually Insulin Discovered?

Insulin was invented by Fredrick Banting and Charles Best in 1921. Who was the first person to initiate insulin? Leonard Thompson, a 14-year old boy with diabetes, obtained the first insulin injection in 1922 at a Toronto hospital. How was November 14th selected as world diabetes day? November 14th is usually Fredrick Banting’s birthday, the Canadian physician, who co-invented insulin along with his assistant named Charles Best.

When was type 2 diabetes evolved from type 1 diabetes? Harold Percival Hims worth, a British scientist, differentiated type 1 and type 2 diabetes in the year 1936. Person who are with type 1 diabetes are insulin dependent, while individuals who are with type 2 diabetes are generally insulin resistant (type 2 diabetes can progression in overtime from a state of insulin resistance to insulin dependence). Both forms of diabetes answerable in hyperglycemia (high blood glucose). For more information see the following articles.

What Is Diabetes And The Different Types?

This article takes you to know about diabetes and types of diabetes they are type 1, type 2 and gestational—and each can influence your body in various ways and may require different treatments. Here’s few basic information about each one. Click the link you can able to know different types of diabetes clearly.
What Is Diabetes And What Causes It?

In this above link you can get clear information regarding pre-diabetes. Pr-diabetes illustrates a state in which blood glucose levels are higher than average, although not high adequate to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes. Pre-diabetes has no signs or no symptoms. People who are with pre-diabetes have a higher risk of developing type 2 diabetes and also cardiovascular (heart and circulation) disease.
What Is Diabetes Mellitus, Oral Hypoglycemic Drugs & Different Types Of Insulin Injections?

This article link takes you to know about Diabetes mellitus is a state in which the body does not produce adequate of the hormone insulin, resulting in huge levels of sugar in the bloodstream. There are many various types of diabetes; the most common are type 1, type 2 diabetes & Gestational diabetes which occurs during the second half of pregnancy. Diabetes mellitus can also be caused by disease or harm to the pancreas, Cushing’s syndrome, acromegaly and there are also few rare genetic forms.

What Are The Ways To Prevent Diabetes?

To know about preventive measures of diabetes click this link which gives you good information… Diabetes information is extensively available, both from healthcare professionals and the Internet, but not all of it is true. As well as diabetes myths, you may be interested in these diabetes facts. If you want to learn a little bit more information about Diabetes, then look no further. This article eliminates the most common Diabetes myths, reveals facts about the chronic condition, and offers a general perception of what it’s like to live with Diabetes.

What Are The Health Benefits Of Diastan Powder?

The above link takes you to know more information about Prakruti BGN-6 Capsules. Prakruti BGN-6 Capsules is a unique herbal formulation that has a blend of individualistic diabetic herbs standardized with 11 special key components It helps and supports healthy blood sugar metabolism by enhancing the ability of cells to accept and convert glucose more efficiently. It also helps in increasing the insulin activity for Type 2 Diabetes and also helps in the production of Insulin so it is suitable for Type 1 diabetes as well.

What Is The Best Diet For A Diabetic To Go On?

This article link gives you more information on diet and recipes for diabetic patients which are the yummy and healthy recipes everyone must try on auspicious festive day to enjoy the treat. Along with preparing sweets and also other food items carefully, calculating the regular intake of calories on the Diwali day will also aid you enjoy with full vigour and enthusiasm.
When Were The First Step Of Oral Medications For Type 2 Diabetes Discovered?

Between the years of 1955 and 1956 oral medications, sulfonamide (Carbutamide and Tolbutamide- both in the sulfonylurea class of oral diabetes medications) and also biguanide derivatives (Metformin), were disclosed for treatment of type 2 diabetes.

Prior to the year 1955 insulin was the only treatment for type 2 diabetes. When did the first blood glucose meter come into existance ? In the year 1970 the first blood glucose meter was invented by the Ames Company. Prior to the invention of blood glucose meters, glucose was measured utilizing urine test strips. When in the history did those with diabetes switch from following low carbohydrate to a more liberal intake of full carbohydrates? Up until the year 1970s, a lower carbohydrate high fat diet was encouraged to maintain diabetes. In 1980, the first set of Dietary Statements for Americans were published. These guidelines persuaded Americans to follow an eating plan that was lower in fat to decrease the risk of chronic health diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular disorder. For many persons, following a lower fat diet resulted in a greater carbohydrate consumption. In the last previous 15 years (or so) many persons have started to go back to a lower carbohydrate diet to limit blood glucose levels and to assist with weight loss.
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