Contro Night Fall, Boost Stamina & Performance
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Contro Night Fall, Boost Stamina & Performance

Night Fall or Nocturnal Emissions are a common and frequent occurrence in men. They are a spontaneous human response to either dreams or other sexual challenges. The real question that arises is, why is there a need to control these involuntary events?


When you can’t control what’s happening, challenge yourself to control the way you respond to what’s happening. That’s where your power lies.

It is important to begin by understanding that Night Fall stems from a psychological point of view, rather than a physical or sexual one. When ejaculation occurs while sleeping, it is heavily governed by sex hormones, sure! But, stress, depression, anxiety as well as other mental pressures could be the real cause.


The body also has a way of getting rid of the cells it doesn’t need and your sperms do have an expiration date. Night Fall is the way that your body makes sure that the newly developed sperm have enough space to get nutrition and to grow. When you experience this, you might feel the need to be embarrassed but educating yourself and learning about your body is the safest thing you can do for yourself.


Here are busted myths about nightfall that we researched for you, so you don’t have to! Regular nightfall is not associated with erectile dysfunction! Both these issues could be potentially linked to testosterone levels but not to each other. Nightfall does not reduce sperm count, neither does it cause infertility. Men and women can both suffer from nightfall!


At Prakruti we believe in making nature’s bounty accessible to all. Using those untapped resources out there, to our benefit, is what we do best. Our herbal formulation with Gokhru, Satawar, Ashwagandha, and Kaounch Beej is your finest bet. These tablets are 100% plant-based, made using vegan capsule shells. Our recommended dose is two capsules a day with water. But after a while, you may tweak the dosage as you find suitable.


Gokhru is an ingredient that will help thicken the ejaculate matter i.e the semen, making it difficult to escape. Shatawari or Satawar is known to maintain testosterone, a male sex hormone that is responsible for a multitude of functions in your body, from red blood cell production to controlling your libido (sex drive). This includes controlling nightfall. An imbalance in testosterone leads to oligospermia and erectile dysfunction as well, further proving the significance of this hormone. Safed Musali and shilajit have been known to be effective for nightfall, since ancient times.


Stemino M+ will nourish your body, making up for lost nutrients and thereby helping prevent physical debilitation that could result from nocturnal emissions. Stemino M+ will also help diminish the stress and anxiety that pops up occasionally, boosting confidence and Prakruti Stemino M+ is the best ayurvedic medicine for controlling night fall. It will improve blood flow, even to the genitals, and assist the pelvic muscles and penile nerves.

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