Drink Water, Lose Weight
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Drink Water, Lose Weight

Drinking more water may make it easier for you to lose weight.

Women who drink more water tend to consume fewer calories, and some experts believe increasing water consumption may improve metabolism and help burn a few more calories every day.

Increasing your water intake right before eating a meal may help you watch your weight because the water takes up space in your stomach. This in turn may reduce the amount of food you consume during the meal.

Also, that hungry feeling you have between meals may be an indicator that you need more water. In that case, drinking water instead of eating a snack will help reduce the calories you consume.

Drink several glasses of water throughout the day, between meals and before and after your workouts. You don’t have to drink plain water, if you don’t care for the taste. Add fresh fruit slices to plain water, buy flavored water, or drink sparkling water.

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