Constipation- A Full Stop In Your Daily Life
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Constipation- A Full Stop In Your Daily Life

What Is Constipation?

The hard, dry or lumpy stools can often be painful and difficult to pass. If the person skips passing stool more than thrice in a week then this is described as the problem of constipation.

Factors Contributing To Constipation

Following are some of the common causes of constipation

  • Missing out the combination of high fibre food with adequate water intake can lead to constipation
  • People who are not physically fit and spend a long time sitting are at higher risk of Constipation
  • Increasing age can be one of the reasons to experience constipation
  • A disturbing routine of eating meals, going to bed and using the bathroom can cause constipation
  • Excessive use of laxatives can make a person habitual to laxatives for passing stools which cause constipation in the long term
  • Stress can delay the need to pass stools that can dry and harden the stools which cause constipation
  • Pregnancy and hormonal disbalance can cause constipation often
  • Some antidepressants, Antacids, Iron supplements and pain relief drugs can increase the risk of constipation
  • People with Irritable bowel movements can experience constipation over time

How Constipation Affects Your Daily Life

We all experience constipation in our lives at some point in our life but it lasts for 1-2 days then cures itself with a little change in diet. When this doesn’t happen and you face constipation every other day then this can impact your daily lives.

Constipation can steal the joy to enjoy your life to the fullest. If a person is constipated, his mind will hang up the toilet only. The feeling of full bowel can make him feel irritated and angry.

Nobody likes to talk about it and if someone asks you then your answer is “I am not feeling well”. Yes, I know you are not feeling well because something that needs to be out is still inside you which is stopping you from eating, causing you gas, physical work seems hard to you, losing your concentration on work.

So, It can be concluded that constipation has stopped you from doing the jobs that are routine for you.

Constipation Needs To Be Cured

Constipation is not only a physical problem it has a psychological connection as well. Constipation doesn’t only involve your stomach but also captures the attention of your mind.

If constipation is ignored, it can cause other problems such as hemorrhoids that are a result of too much straining. Constipation becomes necessary to treat if you have abdominal pain, vomiting, bloating and blood in your stool.

Constipation can also lead to problems like piles, anal fissures, weakening of pelvic muscles, stomach ulcers, Inflammatory bowel diseases, anal cancer.

Ayurveda And Constipation

Ayurveda mentioned the herbs Isabgol, Senna, Mulethi and Triphala (which are the combination of Bhibhitaki, Amlaki, Haritaki) that are ideal to treat constipation.

The fibres present in Isabgol are helpful to soften the stools and reduce Constipation. Sonamukhi possesses laxative properties to help harden stools and relieve constipation.Mulethi has glycyrrhizin and its compound, carbenoxolone which is effective in treating constipation. The laxative property of triphala helps to relieve constipation.

If constipation is not treated with home remedies then you can take the help of these herbs to cure your problem.

Try Prakruti Pachak Amrut Digestive Powder for effective relief in Constipation.

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