Multivitamin Women Tablets
Multivitamin Women Tablets
Multivitamin Women Tablets
Multivitamin Women Tablets
best multivitamin tablets in india
Multivitamin Women Tablets
best multivitamin for women
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Multivitamin Women Tablets

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No Side Effects

FDA Approved

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1 Bottle
  • 60 Tablets
  • 2 Months
  • Expiry : 24 Months

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Rs. 999.00

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2 Bottles
  • 120 Tablets
  • 4 Months
  • Expiry : 24 Months

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Prakruti Dailyvita Women is a scientifically formulated blend with essential vitamins, minerals, herbal extracts and Clinically Researched Ingredients to ensure your dietary needs are met. 100% RDA of essential vitamins and minerals to support an active lifestyle Brain & Stress Blend to support work life, Antioxidant & Vitality blend for Overall wellness.


Get your daily dose of essential nutrients & vitamins

  • Helps maintain healthy hormonal balance
  • Reduces symptoms of PMS & PCOS
  • Adjuvant therapy in Endometriosis & mastalgia
  • Helps reduce oxidative stress and improves antioxidant defence
  • Keeps physically active & mentally alert
  •  Maintains health, vitality & general wellbeing
Who should take it
Dosage & Duration

  • 1 Tablet after breakfast
  • Suggested by the healthcare professional

Consume for minimum 3-4 months for best results

Herbs for long-lasting strength & energy

prakruti health care vitamin & mineral product

Vitamins & Minerals Blend


Turmeric Ext

prakruti health care green tea capsule

Green Tea Ex

Grape seed

Best Multivitamin for Women

Why Choose Prakruti?

Scientifically Drafted


FDA & FSSAI Approved

Made in GMP & ISO

Certified Facilities

Clinically Researched


Blend of

Nature & Science

Assured Quality


Why should we consume?

50% of Indian Women have Lifestyle Diseases such as Heart Attacks, Obesity, Diabetes, and Others. Unhealthy Nutrition is the key reason for such Conditions. Multivitamins can bridge the gaps in Diet and help reduce these Risks. All Women should support their Diet with Multivitamins.

How do I identify which multivitamin supplements are best for me?

The type of diet you eat has a role in determining which multivitamin is best for you. You can consult with your doctor to know what nutrient deficiencies you might be having and, accordingly, you can take a daily multivitamin.

What are the essential vitamins and minerals required by women?

Vitamin B6, B9, vitamin D, vitamin B12, calcium, and iron are the key vitamins and minerals required by women.

Why do women need supplements?

Women lose bone density faster than men and also lack calcium and Vitamin D from their diets, so they need supplements to prevent their bone health. Additionally, multivitamin supplements also boost energy, maintain good vision, enhance better skin and hair growth, etc in women.

Should I take multivitamin supplements?

Although diet is the primary source of obtaining all the key nutrients, it is not always enough. Supplements serve as a great choice to fill all the nutritional deficiencies in your diet.

Can I consume a multivitamin every day?

Yes, you can consume a multivitamin every day given it is balanced with a proper diet.

When is the best time to consume multivitamins?

It is advised to always consume multivitamins after your morning breakfast and never on an empty stomach.

Will I have any side effects if I consume multivitamins?

In some cases, multivitamins can interact with some other medications, so if you have any critical medical conditions, or about to have surgery, or if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, make sure to consult your health practitioner.

What if I consume too many multivitamins?

Consuming more than recommended doses of multivitamins can lead to their toxicity, causing symptoms like nausea, headache, vomiting, loss of appetite, weight loss, etc.

Why should you choose Prakruti Multivitamins for women?

Women has a powerful blend of completely natural, gluten-free, sugar-free, soy-free, GMO-free, vegetarian ingredients like Green Tea & Curcumin Extract, Collagen, Biotin & Vitamin E along with the goodness of Folic acid, Calcium and Iron for overall nourishment and immunity for women.

Customer Rating & Reviews

Customer Reviews

Based on 584 reviews
Good product for use

In hustle bustle of life, we women forget to maintain healthy eating habits. So, this tablet works well. Thou one should follow a proper diet instead but still from past year it's always in my purchase list.Good results. Amazon, savior in Lockdown. It a value for money product and should be taken after a meal.

Over all a worth buy

The product have the right proportions of vitamins and minerals I was looking for. Shifting to this from my earlier brand has been swift and smooth. The flavour is neutral so it doesn't leave any after taste.

Value of money

I buy it 3rd time for my grandmother and she totally satisfied with the result .nice product . But only one thing i don't like is that it is not 100% chemical free but value of money try it .

Amazing product

It’s a really good product for women. Value for money

Dharmit Shelat
Very Effective Medicine

Their should be a free period too in which proper balanced diet intake necessary.