Multani Mitti Benefits For Face & Skin
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Multani Mitti Benefits For Face & Skin

Multani mitti is good for face. Including this in your skincare routine will nourish and hydrate your skin. Multani mitti has a plethora of benefits that can make your skin healthy. From benefits of multani mitti for skin to how to use it, here’s everything you need to know about multani mitti.


What is Multani Mitti For Skin (Fuller’s Earth)? 

Multani mitti is also known as Fuller's earth. It’s a clay endowed with the goodness of minerals. Multani mitti is being used as a beauty ingredient since aeons. 

7 Benefits Of Multani Mitti For Face 

Using multani mitti for face has a number of benefits. Here are 7 amazing benefits of using multani mitti.

1: Gentle Cleansing

Multani mitti can help remove all dirt, grime, and other impurities that could be present on your face.

2: Exfoliates

Multani mitti removes all the dead skin cells from your skin. Hence, works as a home remedy for whiteheads and blackheads.

3: Brightens Skin

If you don't know how to get an even skin tone then this ingredient blessed with anti-tanning properties can give you an even-toned and brighter skin. Regular usage can help attain a healthy and glowing complexion. 

4: Fights Sun Burns

Multani mitti is a soothing ingredient that can help calm your skin. This makes it the perfect remedy for sun burns. This magical beauty ingredient can combat all forms of inflammation.

5: Prevents Clogged Pores

Multani mitti absorbs all the dirt and impurities from your pores, leaving it clean. It tightens your pores and removes excess sebum from the face. Multani mitti is ideal for oily skin types.

6: Leads To Glowing Skin

Multani mitti stimulates blood circulation and makes your skin supple. It fades blemishes to unveil glowing and radiant skin. 

7: Fights Acne

Multani mitti detoxifies your skin and combats breakouts. This clay mask is a boon for those with acne-prone skin. It helps cleanse your skin and gets rid of impurities in your pores.

How to Use Multani Mitti on Face?

Multani mitti has many uses for face. Here are some common ways of using multani mitti to attain a glowing complexion. 

Multani Mitti on Face As A Face Pack

Using multani mitti as a homemade face pack for glowing skin is the easiest way to use it. Just mix it with your favourite ingredients and you are all set. 

Multani Mitti on Face As An Exfoliant

Multani mitti is a great exfoliant that will help remove all the impurities on your face. It helps removes the dead skin cells keeping blackheads, whiteheads, and acne at bay. 

Multani Mitti Face Packs For Different Skin Types 

Here are 3 really effective face masks containing multani mitti for different skin types.

1: Multani Mitti And Rose Water Face Pack For Oily Skin

Multani mitti and rose water help tighten and cleanse your pores. This homemade face pack for oily skin is the best way to control sebum production and helps you get rid of excessive oil. Bid adieu to acne and other skin concerns with this face mask. 


  • 2 Tablespoons Multani Mitti
  • 1 Tablespoon Rose Water

How To Use:

  • Mix the two ingredients well before applying to your face.
  • Wait for 15-20 minutes before washing your face. Apply a homemade moisturizer afterwards. 
  • Use this mask twice a week.

2: Multani Mitti And Honey Moisturising Face Pack For Dry Skin

Honey is a humectant and combined with multani mitti can prove to be a boon for dry skin. Using this mask can nourish and moisturise your skin.


  • 2 Tablespoons Multani Mitti
  • 1 Tablespoon Honey

How To Use: 

  • Add the two ingredients and prepare a consistent paste.
  • Apply it on your face and leave it on for about 20 minutes before washing your face.

3: Multani Mitti, Turmeric, And Curd Face Pack For Natural Glowing Skin

This is the perfect mask to pamper your skin, regardless of the weather. Using this mask can help soothe your skin and keep visible signs of ageing at bay. 


  • 2 Tablespoons Multani Mitti
  • 2 Pinches Turmeric Powder
  • 1 Tablespoon Curd

How To Use:

  • Mix multani mitti, turmeric powder, and curd together.
  • Massage this paste on your skin. 
  • Leave it on for about 15-20 minutes. 
  • Wash your face and apply a moisturiser.
  • Use this mask twice a week.
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