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Bye Bye Piles and Fissures

In the ever-evolving world of food and drink lie the symphonies of acidic, fatty, and salty foods. It is near-impossible to deprive yourself of the joy of junk food. No matter how healthy you eat, there is comfort in ordering fast food while watching your favorite show on a quiet Saturday night.


The massive downfall and absolute killjoy of junk food? Discomfort, itching and pain Piles.


A literal party-pooper. Furthermore, a busy lifestyle drenching in stress and anxiety doesn’t help either. Piles result from swollen veins in your anus and lower rectum. Due to the lack of healthy fiber and roughage in your diet, you strain more while passing motion leading to the veins around your anus stretching under pressure.



We’ve got just the thing for you, so you can “take the load off”, for good. Piles Care Combo Pack is our holy trifecta for relieving your piles symptoms like blood in stools, itchy anus, unsatisfactory feeling, lumps around the anal area, and painful bowel movements. The Combo Pack comes equipped with P-Relief capsules, L-Aayu capsules and Pachak Amrut granules.


Ayurveda has always helped support treatment with all vegan, plant-based products. It contains no allergens such as nuts or gluten, therefore, no major side effects have been found in research. It’s always safe to check the ingredients.



Let’s talk about individual products, so you are well informed about exactly what each one does.


P-Relief capsules help control piles and fissures because it is enriched with Daruharidra, Suran, Senna, and Nimba Seed. The first two improve your digestive power and decrease the swelling, as well as reduce bleeding, irritation, itching, and discomfort. Nagkeshar prevents bleeding and eliminates bacteria during bowel movements. It also contains Triphla which maintains a nicer internal gut environment and increases absorption of nutrients.


The Pachak Amrut Granules aids constipation and gastric trouble by easing the gut and removing the blockage, resulting in preventing piles. That being said, instead of getting the individual products, getting yourself, the combo is not only cheaper but more effective as the products work well in tandem. You’ve got all the poo-wer.


The way this works is that we manage your symptoms by handling the three doshas of your body: Vata, Pitta, and Kapha These are the three humors of the body made with a combination of the five essential elements. Balancing these doshas will bring your body into perfect harmony.


This harmony should be set into motion within a week of daily use, although we recommend using the products until you’ve bid the piles a goodbye.  We have the ‘discreet shipping option’ so you can deal with your crap, in peace. With Piles Care, you will find the same comfort you did in your dear junk meals and you can go back to not only a balanced lifestyle but a balanced, pain-free bowel movement.


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