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Ayurvedic Treatments for Constipation

As per recent studies, 24.0% of the study population had chronic constipation, and 39.6% had sub-chronic constipation. In most cases, constipation remains untreated until it reaches Chronic stages.

The people who are suffering from constipation feel constantly bloated and uncomfortable. They feel constant burning in their stomachs and find it very difficult to pass stool in the morning and leave the bathroom with absolute dissatisfaction and frustration. Since they cannot cleanse their stomach, at times, they feel like they need to vomit.

The acidity problem does not allow them to have breakfast properly. Such mornings make the mood Irritating for the whole day. In the office, they need to go to the washroom 2-3 times, and every time it takes more time to feel empty. Their colleagues make fun and keep distance from them.

They don’t understand that with the proper treatment of the problem, They can pass stools easily & feel completely empty every morning, enjoy breakfast and dinner without any fear of acidity and constipation, have mid-day snacks with office colleagues, and enjoy birthday parties of colleagues and friends.

But the problem is not that they have not tried anything. They get temporary relief at the max whenever they try home remedies for constipation, allopathy, homeopathy, and even starvation. Further, they always have a fear that chemical-based medicines may cause future complications.

What is the best ayurvedic medicine for constipation

Ayurvedic medicine for constipation work on the root cause of the problem, and hence sometimes, they may be very slow. However, with the proper selection of herbs and the suitable methodology to take the herb, one can get relief from constipation permanently.

Before going to the solution, let’s first understand what constipation is and the different aspects of constipation.

How does constipation happen?

Your colon’s main job is to absorb water from residual food as it’s passing through your digestive system. It then creates stool (waste).

When your colon absorbs too much water from stool, that dries out the stool, making it hard in consistency and difficult to push out of the body.

The colon’s muscles eventually propel the waste out through the rectum to be eliminated. If stool remains in the colon too long, it can become hard and difficult to pass.

What causes constipation?

There are many reasons for constipation – lifestyle, medicines, medical issues & pregnancy.

  • Low fiber foods.
  • Drinking less water.
  • Not physically active like less exercise
  • Changes in the regular routine, like traveling or eating or sleeping at different times.
  • Eating large amounts of dairy products.
  • Opposing the urge to have a bowel movement.

Symptoms of constipation

  • Not more than three bowel movements in a week.
  • Stools are lumpy, dry & hard
  • Stools are difficult to pass or painful.
  • Stomach pain or sometimes cramps.
  • Bloated and vomiting.
  • Feeling not completely emptied bowels after a movement.

How to Avoid Constipation

Following are a few very simple to adopt suggestions that will help you to get relief from constipation:

  • Drink three to four extra glasses of water a day. Avoid alcohol & caffeine-containing drinks, which may cause dehydration.
  • Add fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and other high-fiber foods in the diet. Eat less high-fat foods, like cheese, meat.
  • Include bran cereal in your diet.
  • Keep monitoring food in your diary and out foods that constipate you.
  • Keep doing exercise, Be physically active.
  • Monitor how you sit on the toilet. Raise your feet, leaning backward, or squatting can make bowel movement easier.
  • Add some fiber supplements in your diet.
  • If needed, take a very mild laxative or over-the-counter stool softener. Mineral oil enemas and stimulant laxatives are other options. Ask your family doctor for help in making a choice. However, Do not use laxatives for more than two weeks without calling your family consultant. Excess laxatives can worsen your symptoms.

Ayurvedic medicine for constipation

Pachak Amrut for constipation

Pachak Amrut is an herbal remedy with antioxidant, anti-inflammatory, and antibacterial properties. Triphala helps in various health benefits, such as improving oral and digestive health and skin healing.

The word Triphala is made from two words- tri means Three + phala means fruits. It is named triphala so because of the mixture of three dried fruits. 1)  Indian gooseberry (Emblica Officinalis), 2) black myrobalan (Terminalia chebula), and 3) Haritaki (Terminalia chebula).

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