Low Energy in Men and Women: Causes and Ways to Increase Energy
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Low Energy in Men and Women: Causes and Ways to Increase Energy

Fatigue or feeling under the weather is quite common. Most of us usually don’t feel up to our regular efficiency and productivity. Usually, the reason is chalked off as something innocent as working too much or not being rested enough.

That said, while most of us would use a cup of coffee to wake ourselves up, there are things that you may not notice. Low energy is relatively common but, sometimes, when it becomes a repeat occurrence, you should take a closer look at your body and lifestyle.

Low energy can be due to many reasons, and there are some symptoms of fatigue. Here is a list of causes for fatigue in men and women.

Causes of Fatigue in Women and Men

1. Poor Diet

A healthy diet has many benefits. Not only does a diet help you keep your nutrition in check but it also helps you get the right amount of energy for the day.

Bad eating habits can lead to low energy. You may feel lethargic and sluggish if your diet is not appropriate. Additionally, heavy consumption of junk food leads to lower energy levels. If you feel low in energy regularly, you should use multivitamins for women.

2. Bad Sleeping Habits

Bad sleeping habits are the number one cause of low energy levels in people. Even if you feel that you haven’t physically exerted yourself during the day, you still need enough sleep.

Your mind is constantly working, which is why you need enough sleep. If you decide to skip sleep for a couple of days, you should strive to get back to your regular sleep schedule.

3. Issues With Thyroid

If you’ve begun to feel lazy or low on energy without any change in your regular lifestyle, then it could be an issue with your Thyroid.

The thyroid is a gland located in your neck that controls your metabolism. So, when the gland goes through malfunctions, you may begin to feel low on energy. When the gland begins to misbehave, it will produce more hormones. This phenomenon is called hyperthyroidism. Due to this, you may feel exhausted all the time.

4. Heart Diseases

Fatigue is one of the early warning signs of heart disease. When your heart does not pump enough blood in your body, your body will not have enough oxygen and that is why you will feel exhausted.

This could go on for a while. So, if you smoke or you have a family history of heart issues, you should keep it in mind. If you begin to feel low on energy regularly, you may need to get a check-up.

Testosterone Issues: For Men Specifically

Lower testosterone levels in men lead them to feel low on energy all the time. Although low testosterone levels affect your body, exhaustion is one thing that you may see before other symptoms.
When you have lower testosterone levels, you may begin to experience insomnia and see an increase in body fat as well.

Pregnancy: For Women

Apart from the other issues mentioned above, pregnancy can cause low energy in women. During the pregnancy, a woman’s body goes through many changes. One of the most common inconveniences a pregnant woman can face is fatigue.

This usually goes away with the use of the best multivitamin capsules in India or anywhere else you live. If low energy levels persist, then you must look into other problems you could have.

How to Boost Your Low Energy: Tips to Keep in Mind

When you look into health matters, you need to remember that finding the best multivitamin for men or women will not cut it for low energy levels.

Although there can be many reasons for your low energy level, there are some sure-shot ways of fixing the issues.

Following the steps and tips listed below can help you out tremendously:

Control Stress

You should take note of your emotions. High-level stress is always known to cause low energy levels in your body. The thing with stress is that your body needs a lot of energy to feed your stress and the thoughts around it. Thus, your body will perpetually be stuck in a low-energy mode as well.
You should think of relaxing your body and trying to calm your nerves down. You should look for ways to meditate, de-stress and stay happy. Exercising, yoga and tai-chi can help you to reduce stress as well.

To be Productive, Lighten Your Load

Low energy levels are associated with the immense workload as well. If you overwork, be it because of professional work pressure or personal reasons, you will feel low on energy.

Even if you look for organic spirulina capsules to help you, they won’t be able to help you alone. If you see your body lose energy and see your work pile up, you should ask for help. Getting some assistance at work and home will help you see a difference in your body and energy levels.

Get More Sleep

Taking a nap or power nap will not cut it for you. If you have been experiencing lower energy levels, enough rest and sleep become crucial. Not getting enough sleep can drain energy levels from your body and cells. Furthermore, it will also make you feel grumpy, tired and emotional, even if you’re up.

Some people may find it hard to get to sleep. In that case, you can put on some calming music, ambient noises, such as running water, or meditation will help you sleep.

Limit Drinking and Smoking

If you frequently drink and smoke, you should consider quitting the habits as well. Both these substances make you feel drowsy and limit the circulation of oxygen in your body.

Health Supplements

Another way to improve your energy level is the intake of quality health supplements. Making use of spirulina capsules helps you increase your energy levels without any artificial chemicals.

Additionally, the supplements with spirulina assist you to improve your overall health. It aids in better gut health, along with cleansing your body of toxins.

The green supplement also helps you cleanse your colon. However, in the beginning, you may feel a little drowsy. But once the supplement starts working, your body gets accustomed to it, thereby eliminating the drowsiness gradually.

The Key Takeaway

Your body takes a heavy toll to keep up the pace in this fast-moving world and thus, go into overdrive before you even notice it. You may feel lazy and chalk it off as you are being under-rested.

However, if your body keeps showing you signs of lethargy, you should become careful and see what could be the reason. If you face chronic low energy levels and feel the need for lifestyle changes or regular use of spirulina capsules, then you should see a doctor.

Make sure that you keep in touch with your doctor or medical advisors. If you have a history of medical issues known to cause low energy levels, you should also consider them and look for professional help.

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