How To Use Hair Serum? Step By Step Guide
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How To Use Hair Serum? Step By Step Guide

Frizz is one of the most common hair concerns that one might face. The easiest and most effective way of dealing with frizzy hair is using a nourishing hair serum. Applying a few drops of serum after you have washed your hair can eliminate frizz and dryness. 

Just remember, post-washing haircare is as essential as oiling, shampooing, and conditioning. 


Using a nourishing serum is the best way to shower your damp strands with some TLC. This will strengthen your strands and help in the detangling process too. But before you go ahead and incorporate this amazing product into your hair care routine, here’s everything you need to know about how to use a hair serum

What Is Hair Serum?

Hair serum is a liquid-based hair care product that forms a protective layer over your strands. The protective layer formed by a serum can help you to reduce frizzy hair. It also gives your hair a shiny finish.

How To Apply Hair Serum To Reap Maximum Benefits?

Using a hair serum is the way to go if you want to fight both frizz and hair fall. The best hair growth serums will strengthen your strands and protect your hair too. Here’s how to use a hair serum

Step 1: Choose A Suitable Serum

Choose a serum that will work best for your hair type and tackle your hair concerns. Make sure to read the ingredients list and opt for a natural formulation. Chemicals like silicones and mineral oils will only dry out your strands. 

Step 2: Apply On Damp Hair

The best time to apply a serum is after you have washed your hair. When your hair is a bit damp post-washing, apply a few drops of the product to detangle your mane. 

Step 3: Use It The Right Way 

Just take 4-5 drops of the serum in your palms and rub it before applying it evenly to your strands. The quantity of the product you take totally depends on the length of your hair. Just make sure not to go overboard as it might make your hair look greasy. 

Step 4: Always Apply A Serum Before Styling

Detangle your strands before you proceed to style your hair. This will prevent frizz and hair breakage. The serum will form a protective layer over your strands and protect them from damage. 

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